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    Excellent valve technology for controlling liquid, viscous, pasty and lumpy media in the best possible way.

Guth Valve Technology

Guth Ventiltechnik GmbH is a leading company in the development and production of high-quality stainless steel fittings for the national and international beverage and food industry.

Our products are predominantly used as process components in breweries and wine, beverage, dairy and food plants. They are also suitable for producing pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic products.

Our expert and motivated employees make valves and fittings with a special degree of quality, reliability and long service life. We attach great value to the service-friendly design of our valves.

The hygienic design of our stainless steel valves allows maintenance without special tools and good external cleaning.

A comprehensive quality management system guarantees that the products we produce always meet the highest quality and hygiene standards.

Since November 2015 Guth Ventiltechnik GmbH belongs to the FLUID PROCESS GROUP. A company group, which gives a number of advantages for end customers and plant manufacturers.