DUNOS-RB nozzle spray head

Clever heads from Guth

Very high cleaning efficiency, even at low flow rates and controlled mass application: that is what distinguishes the DUNOS rotary cleanerRB .

The nozzle spray heads of the turbine-driven cleaning unit DUNOSRB wet the entire container surface with each revolution. Powerful pure: The careful jet handling on the container wall makes the DUNOSRB the ideal cleaner for all areas in which a lot needs to be achieved with small amounts. The cleaning jet’s long dwell time on the point to be cleaned ensures reliable and thorough cleaning.

The spray pattern of our cleaners can be customised according to your requirements.

• Individually configurable flow rate

• Long dwell time per container point

• Complete wetting of the container per revolution, 14 revolutions per minute

• Effective cleaning of the target zone

• Individually placeable jet nozzles

• High production quality

• Reduced cavities

• Optional rotation monitoring

• Optional inflow lances with container connection

Technical data

Sizes / installation opening

Dunos RB

min. 50 mm

Spray circle diameter

at 2 bar:

up to 6000 mm

Pressure range

1-15 bar


Standard: Special materials (optional):

1.4404 1.4435, 1.4571, PTFE, Hastelloy


Ra ≤ 0.8 μm


Thread customer-specific

Operating temperature

5 °C - 95 °C


ATEX, Material certificate