• DUNOS-R surge cleaner

    DUNOS-R surge cleaner

    New standards of cleaning

    The internal cleaning nozzle with rotating spray body, which adapts to your requirements: DUNOS-R allows any installation position as well as a fixed or mobile operation of the surge washer.

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DUNOS-R surge cleaner

Flexible installation, thorough cleaning

The Guth DUNOS-R cleaners set new standards in the purity of containers and tanks. The self-cleaning surge cleaners show their full strength with sensitive components in particular, such as membranes and compensators. They are  designed as an internal cleaning nozzle with a rotating spray body.

Where high pressures and punctual force effects are not permitted, the cleaners of the DUNOSR series ensure uninterrupted cleanliness. The fast-rotating nozzle wets the surface evenly and is suitable even for extremely aggressive, pitting corrosion causing media.

Confirmed by 1000 hours stress test

The actuator of the  DUNOS surge cleanerR is via the cleaning medium, which is quickly and economically distributed in the container. The rotation of this self-cleaning sanitary fitting ensures a comprehensive wetting of any container. The liquid storage ensures excellent stability and freedom from particles.

Ideal for direct use: Our predefined cleaning patterns are adapted to the most common coverings and tank types. For individual cleaning, the jet patterns can be adapted to the respective contamination and container geometry.

• Cleaning pattern spatially 180°, 270°, 360°, special patterns optional

• Hygienic exterior and interior design

• Loss-reduced flow

• Optimised flow rates

• Low-friction compact design due to hydrodynamic plain bearings

• Nozzles type-dependently slotted, optionally optimized for specific applications

• Any installation position, fixed installation or mobile operation possible

• Choice of various dimensions to adapt to available pressure and flow rates of your conveyor systems

• ATEX certified

Technical data

Sizes / installation opening

R15 R32 R60 R90

min. 16 mm min. 32 mm min. 60 mm min. 90 mm

Spray circle diameter

at 2 bar: 600–3500 mm

Pressure range

recommended: 2–4 bar


in product contact

1.4404 / AISI 316L special materials (optional) 1.4435, 1.4571, PTFE, Hastelloy


Ra ≤ 0.8 µm

Operating temperature

5 - 95°C


ATEX, Material certificate


Thread split-pin customer-specific