DUNOS-O target jet cleaner

Powerful against dirt

DUNOS type cleanersO generate an orbital, spatial cleaning pattern by rotating the head while simultaneously rotating the nozzles. The circular movements of the DUNOSO clean containers in a safe and space-covering way. The long dwell time and the adjustable high pressures guarantee strong mechanical cleaning of the container wall. The DUNOSO 50 is suitable for an installation opening of at least 70 mm and a connection with a G ¾ internal thread. The DUNOSO 90  is designed for an installation opening of at least 130 mm and a connection with a G 1½ internal thread.

Effective, economical and environmentally friendly

With our target jet cleaner models, DUNOSO 50 and DUNOSO 90, you save costs and resources at the same time. The fluid-saving mode of operation is environmentally friendly and ensures a guaranteed result even at low pressures.

• Durable, low-maintenance construction

• Any installation position, fixed installation or mobile operation possible

• Actuated by the medium

• Easy maintenance

• Use of high-quality materials

• Integrated self-cleaning during operation

• Position of the medium drive on the head and alternative drives outside the container possible

Technical data


Standard: Special materials (optional):

1.4404 1.4435, 1.4571, Hastelloy

Pressure range

1 – 15 bar

Product-contacting surfaces

Ra ≤ 0.8 µm

Installation opening


min. 70 mm min. 130 mm


ATEX material certificate further certificates on request

Operating temperature


Spray circle diameter

DUNOS-O 50: DUNOS-O 90: * at 2 bar

up to 10,000 mm* up to 14,000 mm*


DUNOS-O 50: G ¾ internal thread DUNOS-O 90: G 1½ internal thread